Experience The Magic of Monsoon Flowers

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Experience The Magic of Monsoon Flowers



If the rain comes, They run and hide their heads, They might as well be dead – If the rain comes – If the rain comes. When the sun shines, They slip into the shade And sip their lemonade, When the sun shines…When the sun shines. Rain, I don’t mind….Shine, the weather’s fine!”

Like this Beatles track, there are many such innumerable beautiful songs written on Monsoon rains. Why? Because monsoon is the season of love. After a long spell of stifling and sticky summer season when it drizzles, it brings happiness on this earth. The crops prosper, the burning sensation eases, and the water cycle also finds a relief. The beauty of nature reaches a stunning level after it gets washed once – then no signs of grey (dust and pollution) remains! The colors of Nature looks more prominent as the Monsoon flowers peek out to embrace the world with a cheerful smile.

Today’s blog is about celebrating the Monsoon season with the vivacious, fragrant, and balletic Monsoon flowers. Have a look at these charming beauties and bring them home which would add colors of happiness to your home.

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